germany e-commerce statistics

Numbers in German eCommerce

Let’s talk eCommerce statistics in Germany. Being on top of the developed countries list with a GDP of 3.677 trillion US dollars, it is no surprise that Germany expands its eCommerce presence at a rapid pace. Access to the internet It has come a long way since 1998 when only 10% of the German population

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E-Commerce Business in Germany

Should I launch an E-Commerce Business in Germany?

Germany is considered to be one of the biggest business hubs in Europe. It offers a lot to entrepreneurs who want to start a new business, especially an E-Commerce business. The existing E-commerce setups are doing great already, indicating the fact that Germans prefer to shop online. Hence, retailers can make the most of this

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dropshipping germany pros and cons

Dropshipping in Germany – Big chance or risky downfall?

Dropshipping isn’t a new business model but the concept of selling products that you don’town yet is a growing trend for uprising companies. Also in Germany, the numbers of companies which use dropshipping as long-term strategy to get their profits is constantly growing. Figure 1: Numbers of Dropshipping Companies in Germany But what is dropshipping

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